Nuclear Safety and Security Review Missions
Nuclear Safety and Security Review Missions
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※출처=국제원자력기구(IAEA) ※일부 동영상은 업무제휴를 통해 게재, 무단전재 및 재배포를 금지합니다.

The IAEA Department of Nuclear Safety and Security (NS) offers several peer review and advisory services in the various domains of nuclear safety and security. These services play key roles for global nuclear safety and security, enabling countries to benefit from the independent insights of leading international experts, based on the common reference frame of the IAEA safety standards and security guidance. NS offers 19 different services, all conducted only at the request of a Member State. Each of these services is undertaken by a team of international experts whose conclusions and recommendations are compiled in a report which advises the Member State on ways of improving its nuclear safety and security. A follow-up mission assesses progress made in implementing the recommendations. See an overview of IAEA Peer Review and Advisory Services, including those offered by NS.